Bio: Pro Academy is a furniture company that has been furnishing classrooms, offices, computer labs, and much more since 2009. We supply schools, businesses and health care facilities within the Northeast Region, primarily New Jersey. We provide furniture options for all types of budgets and aesthetic needs ranging from design to installation, renovations to capital jobs, small to large projects. Our local sales representatives work closely with clients to determine the products that will meet their needs most efficiently. We collaborate with architects, general contractors and schools/businesses to ensure that each job is on time, on budget and complete. Our consulting services, layouts and design plans are free of charge. We are partnered with reputable manufacturers with state-of-the-art engineering, excellent product durability and functionality. Our goal is to provide our clients with the most innovative and efficient arrangement of furniture to meet the requirements of their facility. Our contracts are with the following states: New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York and Massachusetts. For further detail regarding our contracts please search under the documents tab on our home page. Additionally, we are affiliated with NSSEA, NJCSA, NCPA,ED-Data and MRESC. Pro Academy takes great honor in our ability to provide customers with the best furniture while maintaining exceptional customer relations. We strive to maintain the continued trust and respect of our clients.

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